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17 Jun

5 Reasons Why Portland Legal Marijuana Delivery is Awesome

As if you needed a reason why legal weed delivered straight to your door is awesome -here’s our Top 5:

1. You literally can’t leave the house

Having premium flower, pre-rolls, edibles, cartridges, concentrates, and topicals delivered straight to your front door may seem like a luxury, but for some patients it’s an absolute necessity! Many cannabis consumers and medical marijuana patients are physically unable to leave their homes, so being able to order quality products they can trust, straight from their computer or phone, makes a world of difference!

We love the opportunity to deliver cannabis straight to the people who need it most, who we wouldn’t have been able to assist in-store. We also offer free delivery so there’s no inconvenience, just gratitude!

2. You don’t WANT to leave the house

We get it. Maybe you just got home from an exhausting day of work and realized you’re out of bud, or your day is so busy you don’t even have time to come into the dispensary for your much needed stress relief. Our delivery drivers are dedicated to leaving you high, not dry!

3. PDX Traffic is… Well, PDX Traffic

However bad you may want it, sometimes the prospect of braving afternoon rush hour (which seems to get longer and longer) can make anyone reconsider re-upping. Especially when you consider the absurd number of bridge closures this summer, staying home and letting our delivery drivers bring you bud can be a huge relief.

4. The weather sucks, man

Don’t feel like walking or biking through the pouring rain? Stay dry and get high! Or if in the middle of the scorching summer heat the A.C. in your car breaks, we’ll make sure you get baked, but not from the sun.

5. You’re too stoned

You’re with some friends finishing off a fat joint and reach to roll up another, only to realize you’re down to the stems. Before you get behind the wheel, remember that if you drive high you can face the same legal penalties as driving drunk, and legal weed delivered straight to your door is only one call or click away!

Click here or call (503) 583-6222 to order now and learn more about our legal marijuana delivery service!

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