05 Oct

Durban Poison (Loud AF) Review


In a world full of hybrids and watered down genetics Loud AF has grown a killer cut of Durban Poison that stays true to the roots of this wild South African sativa. The strain was originally cultivated and brought to popularity by Ed Rosenthal and Mel Frank making this the offspring of marijuana royalty. Love it or hate it Durban Poison has earned itself a place at the table of discussion as a perhaps the most revered sativa strains of all time… and this farm grows it a cut above the rest.

Any seasoned cannabis smoker could discern the smell of Durban’s sharp sour sweetness as soon as it sneaks out into the air. Dense sticky buds covered in orange hairs like this could inspire any old school smoker to roll up a joint and enjoy a psychedelic stroll through their mind. Durban Poison could explain a guitar solo. It comes on with an alarming cerebral energy that immediately heightens the senses. Effects wise there is an intense invigoration to this bud that could only be compared to the feeling of wind swirling around you at the top of a mountain hike on a sunny day. Making it a perfect for the active outdoorsman or seeking inspiration for creative pursuits.

Smoking this distinctly flavored bud for the first time will make an unforgettable memory or they will surely remember it should they have experience with the strain already. The luscious sour deliciousness coating your pallet and the instant energy surge following the first exhale is truly something to behold. To put it simply, if you show up to a smoke session with Durban Poison, you become a legend.

Description: Durban Poison is a very sour sweet tasting sativa strain full of invigorating energy for the mind and body. Great for anyone looking to explore creative endeavors or get active. This also a solid choice for people battling chronic depression and other conditions that effect your auto-immune system causing chronic fatigue such as Lupus or Lyme. But be warned this comes with a powerful cerebral storm and should be avoided by folks who may get paranoid.

Pro’s: Energetic, Creative, Psychedelic Invigoration.

Con’s: Dry Eye, Anxiety, Paranoia (Warning: could potentially be too powerfully introspective for some people to enjoy themselves).

Genetics: A South-African Landrace Sativa originally cultivated by Ed Rosenthal and Mel Frank.

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