Pre '98 Bubba Strain
12 Aug

Pre -’98 Bubba Strain Review and Description

Pre '98 Bubba Strain

By: Kemper H. Woodruff


Throw your worries away with Pre-98 Bubba because it’s the perfect flower for any cheat day. This is a functional indica that simply relaxes the mind putting you in the place to contemplate whether or not your obligations were really worth the stress as you munch away any remnants of the unrest you may have had before smoking it.
Bubba Kush has been a classic since the 90’s (as indicated by the “Pre-’98” in the strain name) and thankfully the genetics are still going strong from the great smoke that we remember it to be from back in the day. A true kush high- this bud is always easy on both the mind and the body providing useful medicinal effects for those experiencing aches and pains. This throwback strain treats you like an old friend it eases your mind, uplifts your spirits, and treats you to a good meal. Making it perfect to treat symptoms associated with depression such as nausea, restlessness, discontent, and anxiety.

Light in color this bud will surely remind you of the bomb street weed you used to hurry home to smoke. It smells earthy with chocolatey coffee smelling undertones which translate into a smooth subtle taste similar to the flavor of bubble hash. Pick up some Pre-98 Bubba any time of the day surely you won’t regret it.


Pre-98 Bubba is a classic indica strain known for its relaxation, pain relief, and happy effects. Earthy and sweet in flavor it is the clearheaded kush high you may remember from when you were giggling and eating ice cream as you wonder what in the world you were stressed about before you smoked it. Truly a great option for those dealing with symptoms associated with depression such as nausea, restlessness, discontent, and anxiety.

Pro’s: Happy, Relaxing, Pain Relieving, Appetite Stimulating.
Con’s: Dry Mouth. (Warning: You may be too content to be productive)

Genetics: Unknown (Legends float about that this strain is of afghani lineage although to date it remains a mysterious creation)

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