White Glue Strain
12 Aug

White Glue Strain Review and Description

By: Kemper H. Woodruff


White Glue is an instant classic cultivated by HQFarms. The nose is a completely unique funk with a tangy twist at the end, absolutely different from the typical GG4 smell. Perhaps it is due to the White Fire Alien OG that makes up the other genetic half of this strain which gives it such a unique smell- and thankfully this terpene profile translates into the flavor realm! It has become a staple on the shelves here at Green Gratitude and is asked for time after time by our frequent flyers.
It is somewhat of a rarity that a strain has come through regularly testing over 30% THC and still gets purchased just as avidly when the occasional test result comes back in the 24%THC range. For this reason White Glue has landed a spot as our suggested strain in

White Glue Strain

White Glue Marijuana Strain (HQ Farms)

magazine articles multiple times. All in all whether you love or hate the unique flavor this strain offers the effects have been a true crowed pleaser.
The initial feeling is a euphoric head draining great for releasing end of the day tension. Stage two is a classic stoned feeling that settles right behind your eyes. Although your eyelids may be straining themselves to stay open the functionality of this strain is what makes this strain so truly unique. If you had to see your family for Thanksgiving and fly under the radar while being secretly submersed is stress-free bliss White Glue is the strain for you.


A strain used for functional euphoria. Its clear-headed effects make White Glue a great strain to end the day with because you shouldn’t slip into a super sedative state, providing you ample time to unwind and finish your end of the day duties. Decent for pain relief and appetite stimulation as well.

Pro’s: Relaxing, Functional, Euphoric.
Con’s: Dry Eye and Subtle Drowsiness.

Genetics: (Archive GG4 x White Fire Alien OG)

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