31 Aug

White Hawaiian Sweeties Strain Review and Description

By: Kemper H. Woodruff


White Hawaiian Sweeties from HQ Farms is an all around special strain. The name alone would catch the eye of any canna-sseur and the tight frosty nugs covered in beautiful trichomes are so stunning they bypass any room for reasonable doubt anyone could possibly have but that is just the beginning. As soon as you pop open the jar it fills the room with a delightful floral aroma containing undertones reminiscent of a sweet dough. This scent is an apparent attribute from the Pineapple Express genetic and carries over very well in the flavor when smoked.

Upon first inhale the easy island vibe takes you into a peaceful state relaxation just like you would feel soaking in a nice ocean view. About ten or fifteen minutes after smoking White Hawaiian Sweeties the relaxation ramps up into a delightful yet edgy cerebral experience. In this way the strong buzz from the OG Kush influence(s) combine with the fun and invigorating effects of the Pineapple Express. This strain will have you thinking, “ahh life’s a beach” while you’re playing in the sand…or nervously giggling as you talk with friends.

There isn’t much better a strain combination than this if you desire a true hybrid smoking experience. It can be used to enjoy a date night or some time to yourself. Powerful and pleasurable in all aspects but certainly a mind-altering smoke. Should something be bothering you this may just be a hurricane of en

ergy, so I must warn folks that this strain is not for the faint of heart.

Overall HQ Farms hits it out of the park every time this strain comes across the shelves here at Green Gratitude. Patients and recreational smokers alike seek it out, making White Hawaiian Sweeties a wonderful example of what marijuana can be when rich genetics are paired with expert attention to detail. If this smoke comes your way do not pass it up!


Sweet floral flavors cover your pallet allowing a tantalizing euphoric and introspective mind high to sneak up on you. Perfect for deep conversations with loved ones, strangers, or even just yourself. Great for those looking to express themselves creatively or looking for a new perspective on life. This strain provides a super fun and intensely focused experience.

Pro’s:  Happy, Focused, Invigorating.

Con’s: Dry Eye and Paranoia (Warning: could potentially be too powerfully introspective for some people to enjoy themselves)

Genetics: White Fire Alien OG x Pineapple Express x Sweeties (White Tahoe Cookie x Face-off BX1)

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